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AstraZeneca to Test on Children (General)

by dan @, Sunday, February 14, 2021, 19:47 (13 days ago) @ dulan drift

Is it ethical to inject children with an experimental drug that doesn't work? (using the logic that if it doesn't work against variants it doesn't work against Covid)

Especially as children either don't catch Covid to begin with or it's asymptomatic/harmless?

So their natural immune system is already working brilliantly.

Why would you inject that with an immune system altering drug (that doesn't work)?

And this is the point. Children don't need the vaccine, period. This virus is not a threat to children, whereas a vaccine is, at the very least, more of a threat to children than the virus.

My guess is that they hope to prove that the vaccine is relatively safe for children; therefore, all children should be vaccinated -- against this virus that poses little if any threat to them.

We're heading down a very slippery slope here I'm afraid.

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