Who Dunnit? The Lab-exit (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 08:59 (344 days ago) @ dulan drift

Lab-exit Allegation: Covid is a weaponized coronavirus - that accidentally escaped.

Produced by:

  • engineering at WIV
  • and/or
  • passaging in lab-animals/human cells/‘humanized-mice’ and/or the application of immune pressure - common lab-techniques to accelerate/manipulate evolution (that leave no trace) - at WIV - which was/is doing GoF on bat viruses.

Persons of Interest:

Daszak, Baric, Aleksei Chmura (all EcoHealth), Danielle Anderson (Aus, Melb Uni/Duke), Wang Lin-fa (Aus, CSIRO/Duke), Zhang Shu-yi (Aus, CSIRO), Yu Meng (Aus, CSIRO). (Apart from the Prox O authors, Duke was the main research institute pushing the pangolin narrative. Pangolin might still be the key - but inserted by an intermediate species - humans -"parsimoniously" speaking.)

The above were involved in paid collaborations with WIV - led (scientifically) by:

Shi Zhengli, Zhou Peng.

Note 1: Quite possible elements of the above were operating rogue - to the point where even the CCP didn't comprehend the full extent of the Pete & Ralph GoF Show they'd signed up for. Did the CCP get more than they'd bargained for?

Note: Being a ‘person of interest’ is not, of course, the same as being guilty of engineering Covid. Some may be partially complicit. One or two - may not have been aware (the idiot defense).

But if the charges were: snuggling up to a fascist regime to perform risky bio-weapon/defense GoF research on coronaviruses, then, as Cruel Sea put it: 'Better get a lawyer son - betta get a real good one'.

The whole 'taking the politics out' line is/always was a 'non-truth'. It's a 3-move checkmate to disproven. Stripped back it means 'take everyone else's politics out'.

It's therefore likely the above hold insider, 'proximal origin' information - which at this late stage - will be self-incriminating. They would be understandably reluctant to whistle-blow. Think what's at stake - all that death...

How to proceed:

To properly investigate the origin of Covid, our scientists must be interviewed, in depth. The whole ‘good cop - bad cop’ routine - lie detectors - immunity/witness protection for the first one to come clean. Throw in deluxe-suite plastic surgery that will make you unrecognizable - only available for the first caller in the next 10 minutes.

Pete & Ralph would be racing to dial.

Science plays a part in determining the origin - but Covid is a criminal case - it can best be solved with an overarching criminal investigation. Bring on the detectives.

Unfortunately, the strategic 'non-decision' the US intelligence agencies made with its Covid investigation smells like the bungling 7-year Antrhax investigation - doesn't fill me with optimism we'll see a genuine attempt to hold those responsible to account. Way less so in Australia - where a high proportion of 'persons of interest' reside.

Pity - coz “the outcome of such research will be invaluable in formulating control strategies for potential future outbreaks caused by viruses that are similar to, but different from, SARS-CoV(-2)"

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