Inside the Feb 1 Teleconference (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 07:45 (358 days ago) @ dulan drift

Inside the infamous Feb 1 teleconference - there were some colorful characters online.

You think Fauci is bad - there was also Fouchier, the controversial GoF advocate who "souped-up" bird flu. Reminds you Genomics and GoF go hand-in-hand.

One day i want to recreate the dialogue from that meeting, but more than that, i want to get this thread finished. Here’s the thrust coming from Farrar who chaired the meeting:

  • Whatever we say here is classified. We need to speak openly to make the right decisions. To speak openly, we need to know that this discussion will remain strictly confidential. If you’re uncomfortable with that then you should leave this call. (nobody leaves)
  • Good. So yes, it looks like it was engineered - in WIV - probably. Sorry to say. But wait- it gets worse - appears the GoF research that contributed to it was funded by NIH.
  • Given the climate of anti-science/globalism that already exists, that i’ve been warning about, that spells death to all our One Health genomic GoF visions/funding - everything we’ve all worked so hard for... the end...
  • Or...
  • We pivot. We come out fighting. Turn this negative into a positive.
  • Present a plausible alternative - as Kristian will outline - pangolin/wetmarket - say ‘it could take years - we may never know' etc - same as Anthrax, same as SARS. But don’t say Anthrax, obviously, haha. But the point is: it worked then, it will work now.
  • If it hadn't happened with a Gof experiment in Wuhan, who knows, it may have eventually happened by natural means anyway - theoretically speaking... It was a race against time - we did our best. Accidents have always been a part of science - we can still feel proud of what we have achieved.
  • Positives: If you forget about the real origin for a minute, this virus is exactly what we have been predicting, preparing for. It is still the perfect plat-storm to execute our One Health dream. We can make this disruption work for us. One Lie. One Health. One Planet. We can still sail upon the rising tide - turn it to advantage - for the common-good. But it’s now or never...
  • As scientists, leaders, we accept the heavy burden of responsibility. It is our job to see the longer term picture. To weigh the inputs - then make the tough decision that will affect not only the future of science, but the path of humanity.
  • All in favour say ‘Aye’.
  • (Unanimous 'Aye')

FAQ: But what if we get caught?
Ans: (powered by By whom, haha? We have Big-Everything on our side. Worked fine all the other times.

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