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Dec 11, 2019: Farrar/Nature: I know China’s CDC very well, and I was involved in China’s CDC through SARS .. in 2003–2004–2005. ..China CDC at that point was underfunded and struggled for influence ..(but) what China’s done in the last fifteen years .. they’ve learned lessons from the U.S. CDC (which milked the Anthrax scam for billions and became super-powerful) and now there is an incredibly strong central CDC in China.

So a few days before Covid became public knowledge, Farrar goes onto the Nature platform to give a rousing endorsement of the CCP’s CDC. Then aggressively doubled-down on that endorsement with the Lancet Statement once Covid broke.

It’s also interesting to note that:

Dec 2014: Market Business News: The Wellcome Trust, made £2.5 billion on its investment portfolio valued at £16.4 billion. It recorded a return of 15.4% for the year ending on September 30th, 2014. The Trust’s high investment return increased partly because of its shareholdings in retail giants Alibaba and JD.com. (both Chinese companies)

Through to Dec 2020, investments in Chinese companies under Farrar's direction have been flagged BUY.

Financial Times: Heeding the calls of Jeremy Farrar .. (Wellcome) had already put in place hedges across its portfolio that allowed it to book profits of £248m in its financial year to the end of September. This foresight ensured Wellcome’s investments grew by 12.3 per cent to £29bn. This was the highest return since 2016, and the first time the fund had invested more in Asian equities than in Europe, including the UK.

Wellcome Trustees Report: We added to Chinese equities in the market weakness in Q4 2018, which was partially offset by sales of assets in Japan.

This investment, however was threatened by the trade war and rising tide of cultural retreat from globalization:

Wellcome Trustees Report:
After a long period when owners of capital, like Wellcome, have been the beneficiaries of globalisation, of technological disruption and of ultra-accommodative monetary policy, societal attitudes are shifting.

Luckily, Covid saved the day by re-energizing globalization to the point where:

Financial Times: Sir Jeremy said 2020 had been a “spectacular year” for science, pointing to global co-operation.

Farrar: Science has delivered in 2020. Advances in science often come out of crises.

Wellcome also cooperates with the CCP on genomic surveillance experiments. So whatever you do, from a Farrar/Wellcome perspective, don’t rock the China boat.

Didn't find anything on Farrar’s own financial links with China, nothing obvious. My feeling is that, unlike some of his colleagues, he’s not motivated by greed or even vanity like your Lipkins and your Daszaks. The money generated by these China investments is important, but only insofar as it funds the manifestation of Farrar’s globalist vision.

Power is Jeremy’s thing - not money. He’s an idealist. This idealism involves a vision of a centralized world where he's pulling the strings.

This Oneness overlaps with the idealism of totalitarian regimes such as the CCP - who are all for Oneness too!

Farrar, June, 2014: Ten years ago, China blocked access. But now China is transparent and superb at disease monitoring.

Like everyone, Farrar thinks he’s doing this for the common-good - especially the ‘poor people in developing countries’. It’s how he justifies it. It’s why he identifies with the broad strokes of Communism (honed over 15 years in Vietnam?) It's why he finds common ground with the CCP's system of government. It's a constant.

If you wanna see this genomics/AI revolution happen in your lifetime - be the one who has a say over what DNA is selected for, or against, take your rightful place in history - science tells you, totalitarianism is the best way to 'get things done'.

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