Feb 1-2 Teleconferences - Outcomes (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 09:52 (154 days ago) @ dulan drift

So what was the “agreement on the next steps” engineered by Farrar in those crucial meetings? Here's what we know:

Action: Launch Proximal Origin through Nature multiplied by Lancet Statement.
Goal: Present a united front work department of ‘the world’s leading experts’ - to support the CCP’s version of the virus’s origin/save Genomics.
Responsibility: Prox O: Farrar, Andersen, Holmes, Garry, Rambaut, Lipkin (Celebrity-Scientist salesman duties)
LS: Farrar, Koopmans, Daszak/EcoHealth
Note: Farrar/Fauci/Collins to liaise with Nature/Lancet

Action: Praise the CCP’s response/transparency
Goal: Shield CCP - to save One Health
Resp: Farrar, Lipkin, Daszak, Holmes, Andersen, WHO

Action: Vilify anyone asking questions as a ‘crackpot conspiracy theorist’ - de-platform them.
Goal: Marginalize those looking to uncover the truth. Control the narrative.
Resp: All. Farrar/Fauci/Collins to liaise with media/big-tech owners re de-platforming.

Action: Say we want to ‘take the politics out’ whilst praising CCP’s ‘science-based’ approach. Emphasise the sovereign authority of ‘the science’ - which we will control through PO and LS.
Goal: Remove any politics - except for our own of course - and the CCP’s
Resp: All. Fauci/Farrar/Lipkin will coordinate this tactic with CCP (Gao/KeChiang).

Action: Downplay the severity of Covid. Say it’s not as bad as SARS/seasonal flu
Goal: ? *
Resp: (Lipkin, Koopmans, WHO)

Action: Advise (non-Chinese) people not to wear masks
Goal: ? *
Resp: (Farrar/SAGE, Fauci, Lipkin (TS32:30), Tedros/WHO)

Action: Keep borders with China open as long as possible
Goal: ? *
Resp: Farrar/SAGE, Fauci, WHO

Action: Distribute a Covid testing system - that we know doesn't work.
Goal: ?*
Resp: Collins/Fauci/NIH (TS:1:58)

* The last four intrigue me. If you wanted Covid to explode - that is exactly what you would do: It’s not serious, don’t wear masks, keep international travel pumping, introduce a useless test.

If making sure the Covid genie got out of the bottle was the plan, it worked a treat.

This adds a new level of potential culpability: it's one thing to activate a cover-up to protect the One Health/CCP Genomics/GoF vision - but did our scientist MOU's deliberately make it worse in order to achieve that goal?

Interestingly, from very early on, the CCP’s official line was ‘listen to the scientific experts’. They’ve stuck to that consistently throughout. That Indicates the above tactics were co-ordinated.

'The fix was in' from the beginning.

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