Non-engineered lab origin (General)

by dan, Friday, September 03, 2021, 14:55 (341 days ago) @ dulan drift

It’s important to remember that a coronavirus is the common-cold. The key word is common - but relatively harmless (flu being the one you have to worry about). The common cold has been with humans/animals since our time here began. We pass it around to each other. That may even be a good thing.

But then, with the funding splurge that followed Anthrax, scientists increasingly began playing around with viruses at bio-defense/weapons labs to enhance their lethality ( to protect us - against “potential future outbreaks” ... )

Lo ‘n behold, 20 years ago, SARS, the first ever deadly cold in the history of humans, appeared. The origin of which has never been adequately explained, despite what you constantly hear - due to a well-documented cover-up. Even the greatest CCP-apologists such as Farrar, Daszak, Lipkin, Andersen, Holmes, and Dwyer refer to how much more “open and transparent” the CCP is this time - compared to SARS-1.

I would add to this that the standard explanation for the sudden appearance of these deadly coronaviruses is that humanity is encroaching on the habitat of its carriers and humans are coming into increasing contact with carriers of new (to humans) viruses.

This explanation has never made sense to me. If anything, we have far less contact with wildlife than at any time in history. Also, due in part to human activity, many species that would carry viruses have gone extinct or are about to.

If you go back even 200 years, before the industrial revolution and migration to cities, clearly humanity was in far greater daily contact with all forms of life. So this argument that viruses are appearing because of, what, logging? Building new neighborhoods in a woodland? That doesn't make sense, and I doubt there's any science to back it up. It's just a feel good line of bullshit.

The only modern development that would increase the chances of a pandemic is modern travel. And, yes, of course that would help a pandemic occur, but it doesn't explain the appearance of new viruses.

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