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by dulan drift, Friday, September 10, 2021, 08:11 (138 days ago) @ dulan drift

What i’m trying to do here, Jeremy, is understand you.

We've looked at your schooling, Vietnam, but not your parents - the "peripatetic childhood".
As you say: Inevitably it has a big influence, I think, on the way you see things and your approach to the world.

You were born in Singapore in 1961. The usual media intro is: “His father was an English teacher .. who moved his family often. The family lived in Yemen, Egypt, Cyprus, New Zealand (6-months - hated it), and Libya, among other countries. Farrar, the youngest of six, came along after Yemen and Egypt. ” (my brackets)

At the NIH lecture you list the countries of your childhood as: Singapore, Malaysia, Aden in Yemen, Cyprus, New Zealand, and Libya (7 years).

That’s since you were born. The last of six children. It's an interesting array of countries, Jeremy - for an English teacher.

I’ve gotta ask the obvious question:
Was Dad a spy?

There are other possible explanations, which we’ll explore, but it'd make sense if he was - your deep affiliation with the world of underlying forces from a formative age - your obsession with global politics ...

Next question would be:
Are you a spy?

The question after that would be:
Is Wellcome one large spy organization?

Last question:
Which side are you on exactly? Totalitarianism or Freedom?

Final Last question:
What even is the politics of your average spy organization?

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