Why Dunnit? (cont.) (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, August 28, 2021, 09:53 (144 days ago) @ dulan drift

Politics: Far from ‘taking the politics out’, our protagonists are radical political activists. The science community, with Farrar/Fauci/Fouchier/Collins/Drosten leading the way, in conjunction with Big-Everything and the CCP (totalitarianism) - that’s one mother-fucking-powerful force. Confronted by growing distrust of globalism - the concept as well its key institutions (WHO, UN, The World Bank) - it was time to take action. ‘If not now - when? If not us - who?’ This threat to globalism which had been simmering in the populace, on the internet, was then embodied by Brexit. Then the elections of Trump and Johnson.

Farrar’s NIH speech, months before Covid broke, was a call to political arms. The hatred for those fanning the anti-globalization zeitgeist was intense - it produced an emotional/obsessive reaction focused on Trump. They could not stop thinking about him. ‘To beat him', it was resolved, 'we need to get our hands dirty.' (Or put up a candidate with charisma - unfortunately we don't have any - coz we onenessed charisma to death.)

We also need allies. If the CCP is an enemy of anti-globalists, it’s a friend of ours. Whatever it takes to win this crucial battle in the history of humanity - for humanity - it's our duty to do it. If it gets out scientists/CCP caused Covid - that will hand him 4 more years to wreak destruction - for sure. That can not/will not be allowed to happen.

Power: An oldie but a goodie. Being the head of the One Health movement is a powerful Master of the Universe position. Unencumbered by election cycles, FFC have been entrenched at the top for decades. Power is addictive - the mind will tell you to do anything it takes to protect/grow it.

Legacy: Be the one who goes down in history (by making history go down on you). When FFC/CCP talk about Oneness, sailing the rising tide of AI/genomics, it’s with themselves at the helm - determining the characteristics of that Oneness in the brave new world. Sir Jeremy, you will go down in history - maybe not the way you dreamt of.

United Front Work Department: This CCP organization, documented by Clive Hamilton, Richard Noske, and Mareike Ohlberg, has spent decades infiltrating democratic countries - actually all kinds. The simple aim is to influence the influencers. A key target in this movement is the academic community. Whereas politicians come and go, academics, like CPP officials, remain constant.

Non-Chinese academics are won over by a mixture of flattery, collaboration, money, power, and probably the odd honey-trap. The ‘flattery' aspect should not be under-emphasized. In a climate where scientists feel under threat from a ‘populist anti-science’ movement, they are prone to the reassurance of a warm embrace from a system of government that ‘understands’ them. Especially when it comes to One Health ambitions. The co-ordination outlined earlier whereby the experts were saying the CCP was “open and transparent” and the CCP was saying ‘listen to the experts’ was not a coincidence. It is evidence of the scale of the collaboration that exists - one that was activated worldwide upon the advent of Covid - to cover-up it’s origin. The exposure of Covid as a lab-exit would simultaneously expose this United Front network that goes all the way to the top. Can’t have that.

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