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by dulan drift, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 16:42 (188 days ago) @ dan

Are they: 1) subconsciously ignoring that reality so they can enjoy another hit of that power drug or 2) just incredibly naive, or 3) completely aware of the evil they're getting into bed with?

Yeah - i've wracked my brains - can't come up with any additional explanations...

Number 2, Naive/stupid - they're supposed to be the world's brainiest people so it's hard for them to argue that - though they are - coz it's the only possible escape route: 'Oh! The CCP is a totalitarian regime? Who knew!? Tsk, they fooled us all! We'll learn from our mistakes and become even better leaders going forward.'

That leaves 1 or 3 as real explanations. You'd imagine it starts with 1 then incrementally melds into a 3?

But i'll wager they're still convinced they're doing it for the 'common-good'.

If we're wondering how they can sleep at night - we can save our breath - they sleep fine - in nice beds - knowing they're following a higher Masters of the Universe truth - that we could never understand.

Unless they're held accountable. Guessing the beds are not as soft in jail.

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