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The CAMS (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences)/ Oxford collaboration is a vehicle of joint-power that both Gao and Farrar were involved in setting up. It’s long been known that CCP-linked initiatives have sought to infiltrate academic institutions - Oxford recently accepted a $700 mil (!) donation from Tencent, while Congenica, a Wellcome genomic research partner, is also funded by Chinese investors (BGI). (Note: China has numerous laws requiring or authorizing access to private-sector data by the central government.)

But CAMS/Oxford is not only about money - it’s an executive power collaboration. Master of the Universe level.

CAMS/Oxford: The CAMS-Oxford International Centre for Translational Immunology is a joint venture between the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), China Centre for Disease Control (China CDC), Beijing's You'an Hospital (You'an), the University of Oxford's Human Immunology Unit (HIU), and the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM).

(Founded in April 2013, one of the) three main themes underpin(ing) our human immunology research programmes (is):

i) analysis of the interplay between adaptive and innate immune responses to optimize vaccination strategies

Before Covid i would’ve read that - said - oh - that sounds good.
Now it fills me with unease. Motive looms into my thoughts.

These .. objectives will be underpinned (the underpin of the underpinings) by the development of a joint translational programme, to carry out hypothesis driven clinical trials.

First time i read translational program i wasn’t sure what it meant. That was dumb - coz it’s obvious. It translates entitled scientist thought bubbles in the lab to: field operations.

Especially in Xinjiang - and Africa. To save them of course.

This translation activity seems to be the special skill-set of George & Jeremy. They come as a team. In the One Health universe, which excludes all others (such as Taiwan) - they are the translational specialists you need to go through to get things done.

CAMS/Oxford: The centre is founded on several long-standing collaborative relationships initiated by Prof Tao Dong (Oxford) .. with support from .. Professor Sir Andrew McMichael and Professor Vincenzo Cerudolo.

(Few more names for the memory bank.)

Significant contributions to .. programmatic support have been provided by many sponsors including the National Science Foundation China (NSFC), the Chinese Ministry for Science and Technology, and You'an Hospital.

In April 2013 Professor Hamilton (Oxford) visited Beijing to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the CTI with Professor Cao Xuetao - President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. On behalf of the University of Oxford, Mr Darren Nash - Associate Head of the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Academic Support and Finance), also signed an MOU.

Tried searching the details of those MOU’s - they don’t appear to be public. We can assume they were typical of other MOU’s with CCP institutions such as this one signed by Dan Andrews. It’s all about:

cooperation for mutual benefits in a new era with a common future to jointly combat global challenges (such as the Uyghurs - we’ll get there in a minute)

The Oxford/CAMS one, though has special focus on:

interdisciplinary research in bio-medical sciences, including big-data application in biomedical research, bioinformatics .. and so on.

So it’s about big-data sharing with a totalitarian surveillance-state.

CAMS/Oxford: With the institute’s talent cultivation and acquisition model, scientists will be able to have positions (in China) and they could enjoy the resources provided by both Oxford and CAMS. (my brackets)

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