Deliberate Release? (cont.) (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, September 01, 2021, 09:28 (140 days ago) @ dulan drift

Surveillance/War on Freedom: The Great Leap Forward into the Brave New World of totalitarianism - wasn’t started by Covid - but it did give it a tremendous boost - provided justification. If you wanted a magic formula to take it over the top, Covid was it.

The beauty of Covid is that the CCP’s totalitarian ‘system of government’ can be demonstrated as the best way to counter it - lockdowns, surveillance, erosion of freedoms, vaccine dependence on the state.

As Farrar/Koopmans/Nature noted: It will be a challenge to persuade countries to invest in a new surveillance system, for example, before its general effectiveness has been demonstrated at a country level.

The worldwide rise of the CCP ’system of government’ as the primary model for tackling Covid, led CCP-scholar, Li Yi, to brag that “We're pushing America out of existence”.

The Military Games: Haven’t researched this, but Daily Mail journalists raised it. Most likely provides evidence of the virus (and the cover-up) emerging earlier than reported, but if you wanted a global-seeding event for a new bio-weapon, then the Wuhan Military Games, held in Oct 2019, fits the bill - may tempt you to release it in Wuhan. Reports have emerged of athletes having “COVID-like symptoms and describ(ing) the city as a 'ghost town'” - over a month before Covid emerged.

Weird Advice: The Feb 1-2 teleconferences launched some weird advice - with devastating consequences. The participants:

Now this could be explained by ‘the pivot’ - whereby they knew it was a lab-leak but determined that the spread of Covid could be made to work in their favour - but it also supports a deliberate release. (Hard to think of other reasons - only stupidity left.) If you’ve gone to the trouble of engineering and releasing a virus, you’re gonna want to make sure that shit takes hold.

Eco-evangelism: Most/(All?) our protagonists are eco-evangelists, best exemplified by Daszak and his Eco(evangelist)Health Alliance. Shi Zhengli also famously said “(t)he novel 2019 coronavirus is nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilised living habits.”

Did they decide the best way to ‘bring the world to its senses’ was through the release of Covid? On some levels it has worked. There was a crackdown on ‘wet markets’/wildlife trade, while plane/car travel has plummeted.

Then there were the (erroneous) attempts by the cohort to link Covid to deforestation. Don't know how that's going - much the same, i guess. Seems to be a building boom so far.

Finally, if you're a ‘big-picture’ thinker, you might see the ‘thinning of the herd’ as a good thing - reducing pressure on dwindling resources.

Anthrax: The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour. The Mueller led FBI-investigation/cover-up job dragged out for 7-years. Was then announced that Bruce Ivins, a Fort Detrick scientist/FBI expert adviser, did it. Coz he wanted to promote anthrax vaccines - and more money for science. Victims believe others were involved. If mad-scientists deliberately released pathogens then - why not this time?


Still favour the ‘accidental-exit’ - old-fashioned human error - the above can mostly be explained by ‘turning a negative into a positive’ as previously outlined.

Almost at the end! One last loop-back to Sir Jeremy, we're done.

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