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Ancestry terms and conditions: You grant royalty-free worldwide sub-licensable transferable license to host, transfer, process, analyze, distribute and communicate your genetic information.

Prof. Lisa Ikemoto, law/ethics: Lisa Ikemoto: We're so used to filling out, sort of, scrolling through these long documents online to upload the app or whatever it is and then just clicking the 'I agree' button at the end. .. (Y)ou're giving up all rights. (LAUGH) And any potential commercial interest in the use of your DNA by AncestryDNA.

Gryphon Scientific (p115): (T)he handling of the data is not covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) healthcare data protection law, raising concerns about privacy and data security.

US Dept of Defense: (S)ome direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies are encouraging DOD personnel to purchase genetic ancestry and health information through the offering of military discounts or other incentives. These DTC genetic tests are largely unregulated and could expose personal and genetic information and potentially create unintended security consequences.

Epoch Times: 23 companies associated with China are currently accredited in the US to perform molecular diagnostics or other genetic testing, including whole genome sequencing. Each of these companies “has access to individual patients’ genetic data.” Hospitals, clinics, and even some commercial DNA testing companies in the United States now routinely send DNA samples to China to be analyzed.

Washington Post: (WuXi AppTech) has helped finance an array of biotech start-ups, including the home DNA testing company 23andMe (also part-owned by Google).

Bill Evanina, former Director US Counter Intelligence: We know there's an investment in the Chinese company in 23andMe. What we don't know is, is there a data sharing agreement with that company or not?

Tech Crunch: DNA testing technology company 23andMe has raised just shy of $82.5 million in new funding ..from investors including Sequoia Capital (a Chinese investment company - which also funds WuXi AppTech).

Anne Wojcicki (founder 23andMe, ex-wife of Erin Sergei, Google founder): When we started the company we sat down with the leading privacy experts. And what they taught me was that, "Anne, privacy doesn't mean that your data's not shared anywhere." It means that we have choice.

Forbes: Wojcicki wants to leverage the exponentially plunging costs of genetic sequencing (down 99% in a decade) and 23andMe’s massive DNA library (the world’s largest genetic research database) to fuel a “biotech machine”.

Richard Scheller, 23andMe’s chief scientist: I thought it was genius actually, that people were paying us to build the database.

Patrick Chung, 23andMe board member: Once you have the data, [the company] does actually become the Google of personalized health care.

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