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by dulan drift, Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 08:09 (330 days ago) @ dulan drift

Dear Sir Jeremy,

The same way everything-you-need-to-know about existence is in the Adam & Eve myth (and other creation myths) - everything you need to know about Sir Jeremy is in your choice of Brutus quote from Julius Caesar - which coincidentally - was the most famous Conspiracy of all time:

We at the height are ready to decline (due to anti-globalist/scientist sentiment)
There is a tide in the affairs of men
which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune
(Covid is the flood - vaccines/total control are the fortunes)

Omitted, all the voyage of their life
is bound in shallows and in miseries

(Poor Sir Jeremy - stuck in a bloody Oxford migraine clinic)

On such a full sea are we now afloat (Covid)
And we must take the current (of public opinion - manipulated by Covid) when it serves (the purpose of justifying a One-Everything surveillance state)

or lose our ventures

So what did you choose Sir Jeremy?

If Shakespeare was alive today - he’d be writing about you. He’d see all the ingredients he loved: ambition - ability - idealism - fame - marred by arrogance/over-reach - causing mis-guidedness - deals with the darkside - a mis-reading of the signs - resulting in:

un-redoable tragedy.

Where ‘all the world’s a stage’.

The tragedy of Brutus is that he broke the golden rule of the Senate - ‘no violence in the Senate’. Even Julius Caesar had abided by it. It set off a chain-of-events that achieved the opposite of what Brutus had hoped for.

The difference between you and Brutus though is that while Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar to save democracy - you knifed democracy to save Totalitarianism.

But you both did what you thought was right.

The problem with killing off democracy, Jeremy, is humanity has only invented two systems of government - well one actually - the first one - totalitarianism - was our default position.

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar deals with the loss of democracy.

It took another 1500 years to get it back. Humans ain't got 1500 years as a primary intelligence life-force on earth. We lose our freedoms now they’re gone forever.

Sir Jeremy, you will go down in history as a true immortal: Captain of the Covid Conspiracy.

The good news is: you still have a chance to make a positive, lasting impact on humanity. You only need to choose the right Box: A, B, or C?

Spoiler: Box A: Mass-murdering atrocity villain that history will never forget or forgive.

Box B: We get away with it - steamroll on - crush the opposition - that's why they call it power. Fuck Democracy! Totalitarianism Rules! Yeah! (See why you went for that in the beginning - but it is looking shakier n shakier)

Box C: Come clean.

If not now, when…? If not us, whom…?

This mad head-long rush to One-Everything is wrong. It’s dangerous. Tell people you now know that from the inside - you fucked up - you thought it was for the best - realised it wasn’t. You can still help right the ship of humanity on this ‘rising tide’ of opportunity.

Then history will afford you that dynamic space - that Brutus inhabits - between good intentions and disastrous results. A person torn by conscience at least.

Redemption is real. It’s why Jesus was so popular. Society vilifies/condemns - he was offering a different understanding/resolution. You feel like you’re in this irredeemable, collapsing black-hole - you are - but there is a way out.

You won’t be a hero - but you could still be a Brutus - a textbook cautionary tale for future generations. There’s honour in that - it's a kinda pantheon - if you repent.

Don’t wait too long: ‘the tide in the affairs of men’ is changing.

(Not The End)

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