Conclusions - Early Covid Timeline (General)

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Sep-Nov 2019: A super-contagious coronavirus emerges in Wuhan right-next-door to a lab engineering super-contagious coronaviruses. Daszak, Baric et al had been collaborating with WIV scientists, including Gof experiments, for 15 years - (Last One To Work at WIV (LOTW@WIV) Danielle Anderson (Aussie/Duke))

Early-Mid-Dec: The word ‘SARS’ (‘feidian’) begins spiking on Chinese social media.

Dec 31: China alerts WHO to ‘unusual pneumonia’ in Wuhan.

Dec 31: Taiwanese health experts warn WHO about human-to-human transmission. The warning is ignored. (Two weeks later WHO is still saying there's "no evidence". When the clamour grows in Taiwan, a free country, Tedros accuses the Taiwanese of being racist.)

Jan 5: Using an Illumina sequencing machine, Prof Zhang Yongzhen (Kunming/Fudan Uni/CDC/STAsian of the Year), at a CDC facility in Beijing, completed the sequencing of SARS-Cov-2 and shared it with his [“long-time collaborator” Eddie Holmes (Sydney Uni/NSW Scientist of the Year). Holmes “helped him work out what it meant” - he was the only non-Chinese scientist granted access at this point.

Jan 10: Zhang grants permission/tells Holmes to share the sequencing online. Holmes immediately sends it to Andrew Rambaut (Edinburgh).

Jan 11: Holmes tweets that the genome is now available at (Rambaut’s website).

Jan 11-31: Holmes and Rambaut collaborate with Garry (Tulane), Andersen (Scripps/WuXi PharmaTech) to analyse the virus and draft Prox O whilst communicating with Farrar/Fauci/Collins.

Jan 31: Andersen emails Fauci to say “some of the features (potentially) look engineered. .. Eddie, Bob, Mike, and myself all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” (Andersen’s brackets)

Feb 1/(Feb 2 Aus): Draft of Prox O complete. Pivotal teleconference organized/chaired by Farrar with Fauci, Collins, Prox O authors, Koopmans (WHO), Ferguson, Fouchier to form “agreement on next steps”.

Feb 2 or 3: Teleconference organized by Farrar with Tedros, (includes Fauci and Collins) to lock in a “prevaricating” Tedros.

It was in these two crisis meetings where the Covid Conspiracy was formulated. They went into the Feb 1 meeting likely believing it was a lab-leak - came out with a co-ordinated plan to cover that up. Then Farrar/Fauci/Collins on-sold it to WHO. Which wasn't hard.

The rest is history.

As Garry agrees on a TWIV interview, “At that time (Feb 1) there was barely any infection outside of China, right? Yeah, that true.”

In fact there was only one case of local transmission in the US by then. So the window to take decisive action to stop the spread, stop all that followed, was still open when the teleconference was held.

That’s where the culpability comes in.

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