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June 19, 2019: Farrar: (P)eople .. are going to see unbelievable changes in society in the next 20 to 30 years in ways that .. will be very disruptive.

Farrar the futurist. He knows what’s coming - it’s his job to shape it.

Farrar: 27:35: At this moment, when the scientific advances are perhaps the most exciting in the last few decades, we are facing a society and a political structure which is questioning the very advances that are being made.

The dreaded questioning. If you really want to infuriate a world-leading scientist, ask them a question...

Farrar: As a scientific community, I think we have been complacent that people would accept scientific advances (without question) and they would just thank us for it. ..(A)s a community, we’ve got to engage much better than we have done in the past in order to bring society with us. .. We have to see this as one of our great challenges.

This is a major theme of Farrar’s. It shows he is always thinking outside the pure science. He thinks about the propaganda side - the obstacles of annoying democratic political structures and societies - how to overcome them - to bring all that with us. ‘Us’ being the ‘deciders’ - the others being the ‘decidees’.

For sure Farrar would have been keenly aware that a GoF lab-exit origin would have been disastrous for all that. His cherished vision of One Health genomic surveillance up in smoke. That's motivation for a cover-up right there.

Farrar: (7:13) Our lawyer at Wellcome (made me) promise I should never say anything about US politics so anything that may seem as if it may indicate any political view, please, it does not (smirks) - necessarily. (audience laughter) But as you go through your own political cycles (as opposed to ‘us’ who, like the CCP, just keep on ruling - Fauci’s been director of NIAID since 1984!) - and I can tell you we’re going through an even worse one in the UK - I’ll come back to that - just don’t forget - the leadership role that you play. .. So thank you for your leadership and please do never never step down from it.

Ok, so much for ‘taking the politics out’. That is a straightforward call to political arms from an unelected power cohorter. 'You have enormous power - use it.'

Farrar: 8:50: If not now then when? If not now - if we don’t stand up for the values that we all hold dear (One Everything)- at this time of real change politically around the world, then - and if not us - who will do it?

Jeremy, it’s not your job to rule the world - whatever you may have convinced yourself - you're not the messiah - you're a very naughty boy. No one voted for you for a start. If you want to play global politics, become a politician. But you won’t do that will you - coz you might have to face being questioned - getting cycled out. One-ism doesn't do 'cycle-out'.

To finish the lecture Farrar quotes Shakespeare:

There is a tide in the affairs of men
which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
is bound in shallows and in miseries
On such a full sea are we now afloat
And we must take the current when it serves
or lose our ventures

The signalling is loud and clear: As an empowered Science Community (thanks to Anthrax and SARS-1) we're on a full sea. Sail (for war) now. If not now, we'll 'lose our global ventures'.

Interestingly Farrar omits the first line, which is:

We at the height are ready to decline

It's spoken by Brutus in Julius Caesar - which explores how warning signs can be mistaken for opportunity by ambitious 'people at the height'.

To Jeremy's credit - he did note "it didn't end well for the speaker".

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