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by dulan drift, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 15:11 (195 days ago) @ dulan drift

A common-thread amongst our pro-CCP Celebrity Scientists is the ‘One Planet-One Health’ global bio-data-base evangelism.

For example, every chance Lipkin got in the crucial, embryonic Covid period - and he got a lot - he plugged GIDEON, a One Health initiative.

Lipkin: Every chance I get, I preach this - what we need is an international surveillance system, this is the future for us - (31:40) this is what will keep us secure on the planet - this is what we need.

An international surveillance security system? Sounds a bit creepy, Ian.

Lipkin: This program is called GIDEON - ...(31:55) - .. it’s an international integrated network where people share data and care for one another - to try to protect the world.

Ohr, so sweet.

Lipkin: It ensures that everybody employs a common database 1:06:05 and uploads their data so everybody can see it.

So a global health data-base where ‘everybody can see it’? Or you mean ‘everybody who's anybody’? Like your good self?

Private medical data is sensitive stuff to be ‘sharing’, Ian. You want to upload a whole globe’s worth onto one database? What about all the cyber-hacking of medical data? I think i'll pass - or let me guess - that's not allowed? Due to Covid.

Out of curiosity, though, who are these ‘everybody people’ in charge of surveilling/securing us again?

Lipkin (16:44): Lu Jia-hai, who's a professor at Sun Yat-sen University .. runs a large One Health program - it’s been funded for about 6 months by the Chinese Government, but doesn’t really have any support in the US. It’s called GIDEON - Global Infectious Disease Epidemiology Network. .. This is the future(31:40) - this is what we need.

Update: GIDEON (a play on the heroic Israelite, Gideon, from the bible?) is a One Health international surveillance system’ - to ‘keep us secure on the planet’ - ‘funded by the Chinese Government’.

I wonder if that's the same Chinese Government that is already using western bio-surveillance tech to oppress the Uyghurs, Tibetans and Hong Kongers?

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