Who Dunnit? The Lab-exit (General)

by dan @, Friday, September 03, 2021, 18:26 (144 days ago) @ dulan drift

To properly investigate the origin of Covid, our scientists must be interviewed, in depth. The whole ‘good cop - bad cop’ routine - lie detectors - immunity/witness protection for the first one to come clean. Throw in deluxe-suite plastic surgery that will make you unrecognizable - only available for the first caller in the next 10 minutes.

Pete & Ralph would be racing to dial.

Science plays a part in determining the origin - but Covid is a criminal case - it can best be solved with an overarching criminal investigation. Bring on the detectives.

"...but Covid is a criminal case.." And that is exactly what those responsible, those you have already identified, will do anything to avoid, including throwing the scientific method into the waste bin.

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