Inside the Mind of Jeremy Farrar (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 08:49 (364 days ago) @ dulan drift

Sir Jeffrey is one of the most powerful and smartest people on the planet. Degrees neurology, immunology, medicine) - from various universities (Oxford, Edinburgh, University College) - a recipient of the Ho Chi Minh City Medal for his work in Vietnam during SARS and H5N1 - Director of Welcome Trust - a One Health globalist - a genomics/AI enthusiast - and a key figure in orchestrating the world’s Covid response.

But above all - Farrar is a futurist.

He knows what’s coming - he has a plan to shape it.

Then along came Covid. In the critical embryonic stages, Farrar swung into action. He used his immense power to:

The above actions, master-minded by Sir Jeremy, were anti-science/political and/or silly. Name calling is silly (though does reveal your insecurities). Shutting down questions about the origin is anti-science/silly/political. Praising the CCP - a fascist totalitarian regime - as “open and transparent” is also all three.
The consequences of these anti-science/silly/political actions were catastrophic. Your actions, Sir Jeremy.

Meanwhile, alternative courses of action, such as that proposed by Taiwan, were known/available. Worked fine in Taiwan - the absolute frontline - could have worked worldwide. (Too late now of course - but you knew that.)

You didn't listen to Taiwan's advice because: they are a democratic country. Therefore; barred from your Global One Health Community.

Taiwan's model was way cheaper - smarter - faster - better. No need for all the death, or the warp speed torrent of vaccines, or their billionaire owners, or your One Health genomic surveillance systems, or the whole new normal where our freedoms have gone - and you're left in charge.

With all your Oxford degrees, it's gonna be hard pleading stupidity. But that's not your plan is it - coming clean - being held to account. It's about the bigger picture - your vision. It's happening - you pulled that shit off - now steamroll on. That's why they call it 'power'.

So it's interesting to examine Jeremy's mindset in the months leading up to the outbreak - get some insight into the one who rose to assume the mantle of Captain Covid in those crucial early days. The man who changed the world.

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