What is the politics of a spy organization? (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, September 13, 2021, 08:09 (128 days ago) @ dulan drift

It’s a good question. Hard to know the answer - coz it’s a spy organization. The stock answer, same as the scientists', is: no politics - we are above politics. But in light of the Mueller-led 7-year bungled/cover-up investigation into Anthrax's origin - and the convenient 'non-decision' of US Intelligence re Covid's origin, it demands examination.

First principle of Covid: ‘no evidence’ - is a kind of evidence. It’s evidence that the truth is being concealed. We have to keep remembering - for us it’s a big mystery - but it’s not for the ‘actors’.

So what do we know about the politics of your typical National Security Organization? This is an exercise in stating the obvious - but hopefully worth it:

This last one is the fundamental Catch-22 politics that lies at the heart of every National Security organization:

We are empowered to act covertly to secure the ‘common-good’.

This section has been closed due to the common good. Thank you.

That’s a guaranteed recipe for corruption. It’s unaccountable surveillance power politics - gone mad. Got a rocket launch with 911 - a booster with SARS - then a super-booster shot with Covid. Several of our Celebrity Actors have risen to fame on those events - are still calling the shots today.

Suddenly our lives are governed by global security operations. People are fined, jailed, ostracized, vilified for non-compliance. There has been a melding of security organizations and powerful science bodies such as Wellcome - joined at the hip by their concept of Oneness.

We know it’s all due to Covid - but we’re not allowed to know what Covid was due to? Why? Due to security restrictions - due to Covid.

So here’s the question:

What happens if those at the top of these organizations come to the conclusion that totalitarianism really is the best system of government - in a global world - for the common good? To save the planet from the perils of democratic anti-globalist/anti-the science populism ... ? Or the ‘existential threat’ of Climate Change … ?

If all of that is at stake (in your head) - are you not the world leaders charged with protecting us? Saving the planet? Do you not have a sacred duty to do whatever it takes?

If not now, when…? If not us, whom…?

The point is: the politics of security organizations exists. It’s active, has goals, is global, forms alliances with like-minded powers, including organizations like Wellcome - more specifically the leaders of these forces.

We've discussed the influence of the United Front Work Department - the tendency is to think all these academics/power elites were hood-winked by the Chinese - but it’s more a meeting-of-minds. The Big Boys making Big Decisions. With a One-Everything ideological overlap.

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