THE Science's Bullying Culture (General)

by dan @, Friday, August 27, 2021, 19:31 (151 days ago) @ dulan drift

As Huxley and Orwell warned, many of the members enjoy the pile-on - it appeals to a certain base human instinct. For others, it gradually becomes too problematic to oppose it. There's your livelihood and your family to consider. The ‘sensible’ decision is to comply - abrogate the sins to the system. We know it's corrupt - but whadya gonna do?

This is exactly it. This explains everything we've been talking about with regards to censorship, even to the point of not even discussing certain topics.

So now, most people, myself included, feel uncomfortable even discussing the following in public, say, at lunch with friends or coworkers or at a family gathering:

We don't feel comfortable even bringing these topics up for discussion, the very topics that affect us the most. If this is not censorship, what is?

What's worse, far worse, is that as a society we're losing the ability to listen to other viewpoints and consider changing our own. I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss how WTC7 might have been brought down... by what... shrapnel? OK! If that's possible, I'd like to learn more. I'm willing to accept that COVID did come from a wet market, if that can be demonstrated. I'm open to that.

But we've lost the ability to even discuss this as a society, or world in the case of covid. So basically, we're fucked.

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