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by dulan drift, Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 13:33 (111 days ago) @ dulan drift

The George Gao (Gao Fu - 高福, China DCD Director)/Sir Jeremy relationship runs deep. The worlds’ two most influential Covid narrators are old friends.

Farrar was communicating with Gao in the nascent stages of Covid. Whatever Gao knew, which was everything there was to know - he - potentially - told Farrar. Below is a reference table showing their entwined career paths with Oxford/Wellcome - take a glance as you scroll through it to the discussion below. (Eddie slips his way in there somehow - like a star footballer - you can’t keep out of the game)

Hmm, best laid plans of Mice & Men moment - Formosahut doesn't support tables.

No matter - here's the open access Google Docs link for the whole thread.

Use topic side-bar to scroll to George & Jeremy to find the table. Note it's not there yet - will be tomorrow.

* George & Jeremy have collaborated on papers - but that’s unremarkable given they’ve both racked up 500+. (The other downstream feeder cliques (e.g. Ian Pete Ralph) are forever collaborating.) The 500+ figure is the more informative one - between the two of them, is there anyone in the One Health Community they haven’t collabed with?

The above table establishes the depth of their professional cross-over - stretching back decades. This is relevant because these two friends were at the apex of the Covid cover-up strategy. We know there was high-level coordination between the CCP/Western scientists sides - Lipkin blabbed about that when he was high on Hydroxy - it seems likely this coordination was directed by George & Jeremy. They took an incredible risk to pedal the lie of the century - it was important to know they had each other’s backs.

It’s also important to register that it wasn’t a pair of rogue individuals acting alone - they both had immensely powerful institutional backing - particularly from Wellcome/Oxford and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS). Next, I want to take a closer look at this shady alliance.

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