Inside the Mind of Jeremy Farrar: 2 (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 09:33 (161 days ago) @ dulan drift

June 19, 2019: This is an intro by Francis Collins (NIH Director) for his friend Jeremy Farrar, who was selected to deliver the David E. Barmes Global Health Lecture at NIH, titled: Global Health in a Changing World

Francis Collins (TS4:00): In 1996 he (Farrar) became the director of the Oxford University research centre in Vietnam in a very tumultuous time - (including) the outbreak of SARS .. (and) H5N1 - all of which he and his group were in the middle of.

Seems like everyone involved in assisting the CCP with the Covid cover-up was also “in the middle of” SARS - Lipkin, Daszak, Holmes, Farrar, Dwyer, Shi etc, etc (and/or Anthrax - Fauci).

Collins (TS4:20): In 2013 he was appointed as the director of the Wellcome Trust - he was reappointed last year for a second five year term indicating the remarkable (lack of democracy in the One Health world/) success he has had in that role. And in that role he has been a wonderful contributor both in the agenda of that institution but also for all of us who care deeply about global health.

For those of us who care deeply about the rise of totalitarianism ....

Collins (4:45): He currently serves as the chairperson of an informal group called the Heads of International Research Organizations which has just been meeting here at NIH for the last two days involving leaders of funding agencies from across the world. And may I say, he’s a very good chair - you don’t walk into that meeting and not expect things to happen - I mean, because they have, and they will under his leadership.

So in all this fog of One Health oneness - Farrar is the One. The leader of the ‘leaders of funding agencies’. Think about that. Bill and Melinda, NIH - it’s ‘across the world’ - guess George Gao got a ticket… Love to see that list - couldn’t find it.

The biggest feature of the 'new normal' is: we are constantly exhorted to ‘listen to the health experts’. It controls everything in our lives suddenly from restrictions on freedoms of speech, movement, assembly, to the explosion of personal surveillance, to vaccines. Therefore, Farrar, the leader of all that, is one of the most powerful people alive in the non-Chinese world.

This is a role Farrar revels in. Born ready to revel. He has a vision, he’s energetic - 'things happen under his leadership'. Now he's in the driver's seat. Hang onto your hat.

At first it was a surprise when i looked at Fauci’s FOI emails how Farrar slotted into the role of ringmaster - but it makes perfect sense now.

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