Farrar-Collins-Fauci Emails (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, July 26, 2021, 10:21 (183 days ago) @ dulan drift

An FOI action launched/persisted with/won by Buzzfeed/Freedom of Information activists/fucking heroes produced these gems. Brilliant work. Keep it up. But try 'googling' the source of that effort for humankind - it's full of FactCheck.global.con discrediting it. Not sure how you discredit the horse's mouth - didn't read them. The actual sources have been shuffled out. Again, shows you the scale.

Sir Jeremy and Dr Collins are the directors of Wellcome Trust and NIH, which funded H3Africa (thereby owning the data).

Fauci, as we know, is director of NIAID (since 1984!), where he has worked for 54 years. He was in the thick of the Anthrax investigation - so steeped in the culture of scientific master-race cover-ups (for the common-good). He lobbied for, then rode/controlled the explosion in biodefense funding and vaccine research/use resulting from the Anthrax terrorist attack. Which, remember, was perpetrated by US scientist(s) - who wanted to increase biodefense funding and vaccine research/use.

So it’s cool to get an insight into Fauci’s ultimate power nexus through his FOI emails. The global health big boys.

Researching Covid - it’s an endless flow spewed out from a system gone wrong. Way more than you could ever collate in a bunch of lifetimes. You get swept along by it - record what you can as you go...

At some point though, you’ve gotta start swimming upstream.

See who lives up there.

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