Chief Suspects (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 09:59 (154 days ago) @ dulan drift

Ringleaders: Farrar, Fauci, Collins, George Gao, Zhong Nan-shan

Prox O authors: Andersen, Holmes, Garry, Rambaut, Lipkin

Lancet Statement drafters/signatories: Daszak, Pohlmann, Karesh, Perlman et al

EcoHealth/WIV: Daszak, Colwell, Shi Zhengli, Yuan Zhiming, Wang Yanyi et al

WHO: Tedros, Ryan, Embarek, Alyward, Koopmans, Dwyer et al

GoF Champions (who also campaigned against investigation of lab-exit info): Fouchier, Baric (later backflipped), Racaniello, Drosten, Doherty

Editors-in-Chief of Nature, Science, Lancet: Skipper, Thorp, Horton - plus Jon Cohen (Science) who wrote the blueprint for cover-up.

Scripps/WuXi: Van Gorder, Ge Li

(In conjunction with: Xi Jinping - Li Keqiang - Zhao Lijian - Bezos - Zuckenberg - Page/Brin/Wojcicki - Bill & Melinda - Stephenson (AT&T/CNN) - Viner (Oxford, editor-in-chief Guardian/Scott Trust (dominated by Oxford)), the rest of the Big-Everything set … (Let's leave Dorsey off this list - Twitter did allow debate at least.))

Dozens of Others: The above names are only those who jumped-out in my limited research - it’s by no means an exhaustive list. But one could be made for the top echelon.

Note: Several scientists are in multiple groupings (notably EcoHealth, Lancet Statement signatories, GoF Champions, WHO) but are only listed once. For example, Drosten is a Gof Champ, Lancet signatory, and you could argue a Ringleader as well. Farrar is a member of the Ringleader, WHO, Lancet groups.

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