Genomic Surveillance - H3Africa (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 08:37 (183 days ago) @ dan

Of course this is happening in Africa. They know if they tried to pull this off in Europe, Australia, or N. America, they'd encounter a shit storm. In Africa they can just throw money at corrupt governments and collect DNA, all for the public good of course.

Have a flick through this creepy pro-DNA database power point presentation - which describes whole-population DNA collection as "inevitable".

It's a great insight into the mindset we're dealing with - powerful experts with a 'vision of the future'. (copy-paste it)

I suspect it's being pulled off by stealth in 'democratic' countries through heredity websites - many partially owned by CCP-affilliated companies. Hope to get around to that later - it's such a massive topic.

The good news is that Farrar does seem to be directing a lot of this action on the global level - so at least we're getting somewhere in terms of putting faces to this general deviousness.

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