Who Dunnit & Why? (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, August 23, 2021, 08:08 (156 days ago) @ dulan drift

First question is ‘Did what?’ There are two components:
1. The lab-exit event
2. The cover-up.

Let’s leave the lab-exit ‘til last.

The Cover-up Allegation: Concocted then sold the pangolin/wet market cover story - to the world. Motive: Divert attention from potential lab-escape of juiced-up superbug from WIV - the CCP’s top-bio-defense/weapons compound.


Allowed virus the crucial window it needed to irretrievably escape. Could still have been eradicated in late-Jan to early-Feb - if only the world had been alerted to the possibility of a lab-weaponized virus on the loose - and acted accordingly - and/or followed Taiwan’s advice. Instead our Feb-1 Teleconferencers attacked/marginalized those trying to raise the alarm, downplayed Covid’s seriousness, advised against masks/travel bans on China, implemented a dud test.

Consequences of that:

A lot of Death: Up there with biggest mass-murdering in the history of murder - theoretically speaking - if there was a cover-up.

Rise of the Scientific Expert: Rise (Anthrax) and mega-Rise (Covid) of the Scientific Expert as Sovereign Authority - on Everything - on One Planet.

The War on Freedoms ('due to Covid'): Freedoms of speech, assembly, movement, rights to privacy have hereby been suspended. Please scan the VaxApp as a condition of entry into the new normal One Health society.

Mass-vaccination of the planet: Like it or loathe it - it is happening - with numerous, experimental vaccines. Never happened before. Not like this. Accompanying introduction/enforcement of ‘vaccine apartheid’. We still don’t know how vaccines will play out. Will they succeed in wiping out Covid - saving the day? Or will partially effective vaccines drive the virus to mutate - making everything worse - such as when health experts misused antibiotics? Guaranteed winners either way are industry health experts, including our teleconferencers (read 'gazillions' for the top-end).

Vilification: Barrage of weird name-calling behaviour exhibited by world’s leading experts. Amplified by platform dominance to whip up mob-anger against anyone saying a lab-exit should be investigated. Unfortunately, the wind went out of that, whereupon the vaccine and/or lockdown/lose-all-our-freedoms-hesitant became the new targets.

Money Printing: Fringe concept, Modern Monetary Theory, adopted globally to prop up economies. The mid-long term consequences are about to play out. Will printing money prove to be a magic panacea? Or will there be a harvest of economic ruin with associated health outcomes?

United Front: With Farrar/Fauci/CCP calling the shots, the media/Big-Tech, most politicians, united to promote pangolin/wet market story/suppress the truth. Media, remarkably, curbed all journalistic instincts to not report on the scandal-of-the-century. Decades in the making, this alliance was activated as a cohesive whole during Covid - with frightening power and effect. What was previously below the surface - became manifest. That might turn out to be a silver-lining.

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