Why Dunnit? (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, August 28, 2021, 09:39 (151 days ago) @ dulan drift

This is a round-up list of motives. You can safely skip it if you’ve already got the picture - there's no new evidence. To qualify, each motive must be adversely affected - to a large degree - by public knowledge of a lab-exit.

Oneness Idealism: One Health and Totalitarianism love/need data centralization - with themselves as overlords. This has spawned a seamless collaboration between the CCP/western scientists. If it got out that Covid was caused by this alliance that would be disastrous for both parties. Global Oneness? Forget about it.

Genomic surveillance: Farrar is referred to by his colleagues as “shrewd”, “massively driven”, and a “visionary … not afraid to take risks”. He has seen the future of “disruptive unbelievable changes” - knows it’s coming a lot faster than most people realize. The next 25 years. It’s already happening. Central to this visionaryism is AI multiplied by the Genomics Revolution/Precision Medicine. Farrar knows this is best achieved through the One Health approach in collaboration with the CCP - like-minded genomics enthusiasts - not slowed down by ethics or public questioning red tape. Farrar is aware of the ‘dark side’ but believes the good outweighs the bad. On one hand, Covid is a God-send for genomic surveillance. On the other, if Covid was the result of cutting-edge science gone wrong ...?

GoF Research: The fuel that stokes genomics. Farrar is keenly aware of the public's ethics misgivings. If it became known that Covid was caused by GoF experiments, that's not gonna be good. It’s significant that Fouchier, the world’s leading Gof practitioner/advocate, was one of those invited to the Feb 1 teleconference.

Money: Apart from the gazillions on offer for those at the helm of the genomics revolution, the bulk of researchers rely on public-funding. Increasingly, China has become a source of funding for western scientists/universities - the 1000 Talents Program being but one such initiative. All that would be disrupted. Why bite the hand that’s feeding you?

The Common-good: Farrar is an idealist. He is well-paid but it’s not the money that motivates him. He, like every powerful person from Hitler to Xi Jinping, like all the One Health fanatics, believe they are doing it for the ‘common-good' - to make the world a better place. Once you’ve convinced yourself of this, you are ‘liberated’ from the normal constraints of morality. The Great Unmooring. You can now lie, cheat, cover-up - even murder - it’s all justified in the name of a ‘higher-truth’.

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