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by dulan drift, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 14:42 (188 days ago)

Yes, normal greed, power hungriness, and vanity motivates our celebrity scientists - but there’s also an ideological overlap with the CCP: they both love centralized, personalized bio-data.

They’ve seen the future (on our behalves) - this is what we need to keep us safe. We warned you about Covid - now we need to prepare for the ‘next Disease X’.
Common “logic and reason” tells you this approach will ‘save millions of lives’.

Which is precisely where empiricism (‘the science’) becomes illogical. This is why:

Global amassment of personalized bio/health-data, including DNA, opens the door to political abuse. That’s humans for you. Like it or not - it’s part of the equation. It will affect the outcome.

But there’s no evidence for that!

Sure there is. Easy to find. Search the words genomic surveillance Uyghurs - see how you go … (or keep reading - we’ll delve into that later…)

Yeah but we’re taking the politics out!

Even if you were, which you’re not, that’s an admission you’re ignoring an integral piece of the puzzle.

Politics is involved in global biosurveillance.

If you’re weighing the long term effects, and not taking this into account, then step down - coz your proceeding in an illogical manner - thereby making a horrible mistake with catastrophic humanity-shaping consequences...

The One Health Initiative makes for an interesting case-study in how the above plays out.

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