Westmead involvement in Organ Harvesting (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, June 27, 2021, 09:48 (520 days ago) @ dulan drift

Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, which is connected to the University of Sydney, has long-standing links to Third Xiangya Hospital, a major transplant centre in Hunan province. The relationship, which reportedly began in 2005, has involved collaboration in transplant research, .. much of it conducted at a time when the bulk of China’s organs came from executed prisoners.

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH): Undisclosed ties and agreements between Sydney’s Westmead Hospital and Changsha hospitals (Xiangya hospitals especially) (include a) 2013 “letter of intent” (signed) between Westmead and The Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, for both parties to “regularly conduct academic exchange conferences .. and undertake advanced study .. in medical treatment, (and) surgical demonstrations.”

I’m not suggesting Dominic Dwyer was directly involved in this transplant research with Xiangya hospitals - he wasn’t - it’s not his field (that honour goes to Jeremy Chapman from Westmead) - but he is listed on the NSW Health website as being part of Westmead’s ‘Governance team’, specifically, the Westmead Research Hub Executive. (Chapman is the Chair of the Westmead Research Hub Council!).

As a senior Director of Westmead’s research executive, Dwyer is responsible for the entrenched culture at Westmead. This culture, during his tenure, has bedded down with the immoral practices of the CCP - be that organ harvesting, the suppression of Tibet, mass arrests/suppression in Hong Kong, surveillance abuse, the Uighurs, the Covid cover-up.

Dwyer loves to justify Westmead's partnerships with CCP-run institutions by saying we're ‘taking the politics out’ - it's one of his favourite lines:

Dwyer: This time around China have .. report(ed) things as they really happened so that the rest of the world could be prepared. .. As a doctor and a scientist, I think politics complicates getting the answers. So I'd rather keep that aside. .. I think it’s really important to keep the politics out of it. (Dec 2, 2020)

So Dominic, as a Director on Westmead's Research Hub Executive, and from your vast experience with dealing with the CCP, would you advise Westmead researchers to 'take the politics out' before the organs are taken out of prisoners of conscience? Or just do it at the same time?

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH): Australian government-funded research facilities, hospitals, and state health departments ..have entered into arrangements with Chinese hospitals (that) compromise Australia’s medical and ethical standards, thus directly undermining the very nature of Australia’s sovereignty.

‘Undermining national sovereignty’ - that's heavy stuff, Dom. Then there’s knowing that - but carrying on.

Tribunal: Governments and any who interact in any substantial way with the PRC including ..(d)octors and medical institutions ..should now recognise they are .. interacting with a criminal state.

Dominic, 'the evidence suggests' you've been using your immense power on the loudest platforms to sell the CCP’s version of events - all lies - to protect/cover-up for a 'criminal state'!?

You guys - Andersen, Dwyer, Daszak, Lipkin, Holmes, Ryan, Fauci, Embarek, Tedros et al - far be it from taking the politics out - you’ve put so much politics in, totalitarian politics, you’re sailing perilously close to treason.

The good news is i still think you're a decent chance of getting away with it - but God help you if you don't.

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