The Last Days of the CCP’s Stalwart Scientists (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, July 03, 2021, 10:08 (403 days ago) @ dulan drift

As mentioned earlier, following the accumulation of a mountain of evidence by groups such as DRASTIC, the fattest rats started jumping ship in Mar, 2021.

Tedros went from: China’s commitment to transparency and supporting other countries .. is.. impressive, and beyond words.
(Mar31,2021) Although the team has concluded that a laboratory leak is the least likely hypothesis, this requires further investigation.

In May, Ralph Baric, GoF bat-virus WIV collaborator, who'd supported WIV to the hilt, suddenly released a statement saying "theories of accidental release from a lab .. remain viable." Fauci soon followed with his own ratty qualifications. These subtle acknowledgements of the bleeding obvious sound innocuous, but it came off the back of a year of relentless, co-ordinated vilification by scientists of anyone who dared raise the possibility.

They also came after the WHO team had completed their investigation and announced a lab-leak was extremely unlikely and they’d “closed the lid” on it. Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, WHO mission head declared, it was "not in the hypotheses that we will suggest for future studies".

In other words, the lab-leak was dead to WHO.

As such, this subtle signalling from Tedros was actually a blaring betrayal for those who can translate politico-expert speak. (Whatever you might think about Tedros, he’s a cunning old fuck - always survives - somehow - though his friends don’t.) It sent shockwaves through the scientific community, the media, and politicians - which precipitated the unseemly scurrying behaviour we’ve recently witnessed - it was like watching footage from a mouse plague where the whole earth appears to scurry. Typically, they try to slip out of it by echoing the above remarks: ‘It’s not that we ever dismissed a lab-leak - just there was no evidence’.

Caught in the precarious position of having to re-position, whilst desperately trying not to offend the CCP, the experts were left slithering around in their own slime.

Despite this exodus, a few notables decided to hang tough with the CCP - double or nothing - to the bitter end. This is not an exhaustive list - only from those celebrity scientists we’ve looked at:

Daszak (WIV/EcoHealth)
Holmes (Sydney Uni - Prox Or. author)
Andersen (Schipps - Prox Or. co-author)
Dwyer (WHO/Westmead)
Nature (Mega-science platform)

Embarek, should be on it of course, but haven’t studied him. As would several others - for the same reason. But not many.

That makes you wonder, what does the CCP have on these dudes? It can’t be just money.

How, for instance, do you get an expert to say this?:

Dwyer: Now of course it doesn’t mean that the outbreak actually started in Wuhan. .. It’s an easy assumption just to say, ‘It’s all in Wuhan’. (AKA Occam's Razor) .. It could have been brought into Wuhan either from .. other parts of Asia, or indeed, other parts of the world. (2:45) ..(A) number of detailed studies need to be done to work out was the virus in Wuhan in an unknown manner or cryptic manner .. could it have been in other parts of the world? (3:25)

'Cryptic manner' - that's a good one Dom. The only cryptic part is why are you using the world's biggest platforms to push the CCP's implausible messaging?

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