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Lab Origin - How to Investigate (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, January 14, 2021, 17:13 (44 days ago) @ dulan drift

Degree of Difficulty:

Low. It's straightforward detective work. For sure it has already been done by CCP officials.

(Aside: Regarding point 5, as @Billy Bostickson reported, WIV said it’s Database went offline due to "cyber-security issues", which might sound like an excuse, but it makes sense that outside intelligence agencies would have tried to hack it. Did they succeed?)


The weight of circumstantial evidence points to a lab-origin:

This adds up to the simplest, most logical explanation. Which 'warrants further investigation'.

William of Occam, the 14th century philosopher who championed the ‘keep it simple’ technique of analysis to counter the out-in-the-weeds logic of his contemporaries, will be turning in his grave every time an expert tells us how “painstakingly complicated” it is.
Unsurprisingly, Occam was vilified by the experts of his time.

WHO Investigator Peter Daszak, expert of our time, loves banging on about "evolutionary hotspots", while another WIV/Daszak GoF collaborator, Ralph Baric says the “constant mixing of different viruses creates a great opportunity for dangerous new pathogens to emerge.” What does the computer model say (and William of Occam) when you key in "the constant mixing" going on with WIV’s biological concoction?


deadly viruses
caged lab animals - (tortured btw)
entitled scientists recombining/evolving/engineering more deadly viruses

Add human error and stir. Allow to simmer for decades until it explodes.

Serving suggestion:
Deny you cooked it.

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