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Taking up the Fight (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, February 18, 2021, 07:26 (11 days ago) @ dulan drift

Firstly, what is it we’re fighting for?

This War on Civil Rights, instituted by governments, is driven by a powerful cohort of unelected, unaccountable experts.

Mainstream media/Big-Tech is the delivery device.

And that’s just in the ‘free’ -world.

It’s hard to imagine a more formidable goliath.

In the good old days, we might look for a politician to buck this trend - someone people can rally around - but in the Australian political landscape at least, nobody has shown any such leadership. Not from the left, the right, the Greens, or the independents. They all trumpet the same lines - ‘Listen to the (select crew of) experts’ - abuse/cancel anyone who asks a question.

That just leaves the public to organize themselves - do their best to provide factual information and disseminate it however they can.

Here’s some steps we can take:

Our secret weapon is a question

If a scientist saying 'fossil fuels are great' was getting money from Exxon, you'd want to know that. So how 'bout those top-scientists (Daszak,Lipkin et al) promoting the CCP's version of Covid from the loudest platforms? Are they benefitting from their arrangements with this totalitarian regime?


Once you do get to those details - you’ll find the false premise - you'll find vested interest. From there it all unravels.

Be Positive

Yeah, sounds nice in theory, but what's the likelihood that will stand a chance against the combined might of the political/scientific/tech elites? That’s a fair point.

But as Lin Shuling would say in the protest against Miramar/Taitung Government:

If we fight, there’s still that small chance. If we do nothing, we can be sure there's no chance.

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