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Daszak's Evidence (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, February 15, 2021, 08:26 (12 days ago) @ dulan drift

So how did our intrepid bat hunters arrive at that ‘7 mil zoonotic-crossover events per year’ figure that all their arguments are based on?

“In October 2015, we collected serum samples from 218 residents in four villages in Jinning County, Yunnan province, China.
“As a control, we also collected 240 serum samples from random blood donors in 2015 in Wuhan, Hubei Province more than 1000 km away from Jinning (Fig. 1A) and where inhabitants have a much lower likelihood of contact with bats due to its urban setting.”
(Lol - Daszak was so sure an outbreak wouldn’t occur in Wuhan that he used it as a control group.)

From that ‘experiment’, no people in Wuhan tested positive (according to their arbitrary cut-off threshold) but six people supposedly tested positive to bat virus antibodies - harmless ones.

“Importantly, 20 (9.1%) participants witnessed bats flying close to their houses”. (Whoopee-doo)

Here’s the interesting thing - the six samples deemed ‘positive’ according to the cut-off line, only reacted with the recombined WIV viruses from “the receptor binding domains (RBD) of the spike protein (S) from SARS-CoV, bat SARSr-CoVs Rp3, WIV1, and SHC014”.

Biotech expert Yuri Deigin took a look at their methodology - he thinks it’s suss - but whatever, let’s say it’s true - there were 6 positives - not that surprising since the ingredients for the WIV viruses were collected from the same area.

The difference is, according to EcoHealth/WIV’s report, none of them felt sick or remembered being sick from the natural virus - nor did they spread it to others. Compared to WIV's recombined GoF viruses which are designed to make people sick and spread to others.

Even Batwoman admits "the majority of bat viruses are harmless". The only extant known bat viruses in the world today that aren’t harmless, are the ones concocted at WIV. And Covid.

Buried in the report was the admission that:

(Zoonotic) spillover is a relatively rare event….(T)o date, no evidence of direct transmission of SARSr-CoVs from bats to people has been reported.”
WIV/EcoHealth then got funding to conduct a second, bigger study in which “0.6% tested positive for bat coronaviruses.” (all harmless)

The authors admit: “The low seroprevalence observed in this study suggests that bat coronavirus spillover is a rare event.” (not even “relatively rare” anymore - just rare)

In fact:
“We did not find evidence supporting a direct relationship between bat contact and bat coronavirus sero-positivity in the human population.”

Therefore: it’s so rare that there is “no evidence”. You can't get rarer than that.

Remember, these studies showing “no evidence of direct transmission of SARSr-CoVs from bats to people” are the entire basis for Daszak’s claim that both Covid and “the next Disease X”, and so on... are lurking around every corner.

So how the hell does Daszak keep getting away with these ludicrous fringe-theory claims?

Why does he get supported to the hilt by other scientists and mainstream media outlets?

It’s the same old answer that we keep running up against. It’s gotta be either:

(a) colossal stupidity, or

(b) corruption

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