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The Real World (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 06:10 (29 days ago) @ dulan drift

Back in the real world for a minute, how likely are zoonotic crossover events, really?

Growing up in a country town, with a father who liked hunting-shooting-fishing, i did a lot of those. We’d go on 10-day camping trips up the Lachlan River. Shoot pigs (feral pests), kangaroos (dog meat - human food if we didn’t get anything better), ducks (human food), water rats (for the fur). That’s a full on viral hotspot existence including bush meat literally cooked at the coal-face.
Then came home to 30 backyard show-chooks and racing pigeons (with attendant rats and mice and bats) - and cleaning the shit out of those sheds without a mask. I fucking hated that job - breathing in shit-dust...

But don’t remember being plagued by deadly coronaviruses.

I’d never heard of them until SARS-1. Now they’re everywhere supposedly.

These days, i still live in the countryside, go fishing, camping - got backyard chooks, wild animals, bats galore - so a lifetime of continuous hotspot inhabitation. Should that be banned now?

Despite the talk of bulldozers, cattle-farms, and mining causing Covid, according to Daszak et al’s actual theory - it’s people leading my kind of lifestyle who are committing the highest risk behaviour.

Interestingly, so are those living indigenous lifestyles. Take my Bunun neighbour A-de for example - our shared farming/hunting experiences is kinda how we clicked. He’s got a living larder of farm animals at his house - goes hunting for wild pig and goats. Then get this - traps/eats civets! I also trapped them! (released far away) because they raid chicken sheds - for the eggs mostly but also chickens - daily if you don’t trap them. Never saw A-de wear a mask while doing any of the above. How high risk is that?! Quickly ban it now - for the sake of humanity!

What Daszak et al are actually promoting is a ‘War on Indigenous Lifestyle’. You won’t hear them say that - but that’s what it amounts to.

His solution:

"A modern, well run factory farm ...usually (has) better biosecurity, as people don’t want to lose all their animals – and income."

No farmer wants to lose all their animals - and income - i would have thought - or you mean their income doesn’t matter - just that of the subset of bosses of modern, well run factory farms, paying good money for biosecurity experts, like yourself?

Daszak laments:
“What you’ve got now is a lot of amateur farmers, who have converted old properties that are pretty unsecure from a disease point of view.”

Ok, so it’s also a War on Hippies as well. A War on Alternative Lifestyles.

So what’s left in Daszak’s ideal world of biosecurity when you cancel indigenous and alternative lifestyles? Apart from massive funding for biosecurity experts?

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