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Conclusion (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 08:05 (12 days ago) @ dulan drift


There is “no evidence of direct transmission of SARSr-CoVs from bats to people”.

There is "no evidence" of pangolin or any other wild animal acting as an intermediate species (between bats (for which there’s no evidence) and humans) (unless you count scientists as an intermediate species - and the lab-animals, including pangolin, through which bat viruses were passaged). That goes for SARS-1 & 2.

Even if there was a crossover event, it still doesn’t explain how a highly contagious virus ended up in Wuhan without causing an outbreak anywhere else.

There is a mountain of evidence detailing scientists spreading misinformation and fear-mongering to pump up the above scenario, as we’ve covered.

The obvious question is why are they doing that?

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