Chinese Influence over Scientific Experts 2 - Peter Daszak (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 09:04 (814 days ago)

(This thread has been split from Who's who in WHO.)

Peter Daszak is one of the WHO's 'Team of Ten' approved by China to investigate the origin of Covid.

Daszak is a close collaborator with Lipkin, an author of the notorious Proximal Origins paper that purported to 'prove' Covid had not leaked from a lab - it was pangolins that done it. They have co-authored several papers and articles and have been accused of "misinterpretation of data implicating dromedary camels in MERS" during a shady trip to Saudi Arabia in which "frozen samples accidentally were thawed en route to Columbia University."

With help from a world-first critique of the paper published by Formosahut in May 2020, and subsequent exposure from a group called DRASTIC and Research Gate scientists, that Proximal Origin has now been discredited as high-profile narrative writing on behalf of the CCP and western interests. The paper's 'pangolin findings' were headlines in all major media outlets around the world for several weeks, thereby achieving its purpose of quashing speculation about a lab leak.

The debunking of that paper received very little coverage, often reduced to a by-word, such as in this Dec 2020 story about the WHO investigation.

I'd have thought Top Scientists linked to CCP misinform world about Covid Origins would be a good headline - i'd read it. But it seems 'now is not the right time to talk about that'.


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