Politics in Covid (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, January 05, 2021, 06:50 (755 days ago) @ dulan drift

Most people (including former heads of intelligence agencies) aren’t trained in how to decipher genetic codes.” (Therefore, “using logic and reason”, Sir Richard Dearlove is a “crackpot conspiracy theorist!”)

Would it also be true to say ‘most Genetic code deciphers are not trained in applying International Intelligence logic to a problem? You for example?

Is it fair to say the Totalitarian Super Power, the CCP, your host, who vetted/approved your appointment, is a political entity?

So we can safely conclude politics is involved in the outcome of the Covid investigation. Whether we like it or not.

Therefore; input from a political intelligence expert is a good thing, right?

You argue ‘Oh i want to take the politics out of the process’ - that’s half true. You want to take out the politics that doesn’t agree with the CCP’s politics.

But that just leaves us with totalitarianism. And you.

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