Ruling out Lab Leak before it’s investigated (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Tuesday, January 05, 2021, 07:38 (1202 days ago) @ dulan drift

After putting Sir Richard in his place, you also butted heads with NIH Director Francis Collins, who dared to say:

“Whether [the coronavirus] could have been in some way isolated and studied in this laboratory in Wuhan, we have no way of knowing.”

That sounds like a tepid statement of the bleeding obvious, but it still infuriated you. As a full-time Twitter anti-investigation activist you wrote (May 29, 2020):

“Disappointing! @NIHDirector clearly doesn't understand the weight of his words on this conspiracy-ladened issue. It's simply not enough to say that you cannot rule out a lab-origin. We need leadership at this point, not scientific hesitancy.”

(Luckily we have your leadership as a WHO investigator to shut down the possibility of a lab leak without investigating it.)

Conspiracy theories rely on the inability to prove a negative. We need the leader of our Nation's biomedical research agency to challenge conspiracy theorists & at the very least mention the TOTAL LACK OF EVIDENCE for it originating in a lab!"

First point, the statement that Covid may have "originated in a lab" - and should be investigated - is not a negative Pete - it’s a positive statement. Saying it didn’t escape from a lab is a negative. What the hell did they teach you there at Bangor University?

Secondly, the only reason we don’t have sufficient evidence to prove this positive is that you’re blocking any attempts to gather it with your ‘leadership’.

Thirdly, does the CCP pay you a bonus per sentence for saying ‘Conspiracy Theorist’? It’s name-calling - it draws attention to your insecurities.

(Daszak's shenanigans continue here.)

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