Cold-Chain Hypothesis (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, July 03, 2021, 11:24 (458 days ago) @ dulan drift

(Apologies - this is a rehash of past post - collating it into this thread)

The Guardian, the same people that brought us Peter Daszak, also proudly presented Dominic Dwyer with his fringe 'cold-chain' theory - that conveniently exports the origin of Covid to a non-China "elsewhere"

Dwyer: Then there was the “cold chain” hypothesis. This is the idea the virus might have originated from elsewhere via the farming, catching, processing, transporting, refrigeration or freezing of food. Was that food ice-cream, fish, wildlife meat? We don’t know.

The idea? Is this meant to be science or a mental-imaging exercise? Why are you even talking about it Dominic? It's a fringe theory.

Dwyer: But to what extent did it contribute to its spread? Again, we don’t know.

Again - why are you talking about it? Would it have anything to do with not talking about the elephant in the room - that it may have leaked from a bio-defense lab?

Dwyer: Several “cold chain” products present in the Wuhan market were not tested for the virus.

Oh, i see. Forgot to test the ice cream stand?

Dwyer: Environmental sampling in the market showed viral surface contamination.

As it would since there was a cluster outbreak there - well after the original cases - that had no connection to the market. A fact that you were fully aware of.

Dwyer: This may indicate the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 through infected people …

May indicate? We can safely say ‘extremely likely’ since there was an outbreak there. Where are you going with this?

…. (O)r contaminated animal products and “cold chain” products.

Oh, still on your whacky cold chain hypothesis.

Dwyer: Investigation of “cold chain” products and virus survival at low temperatures is still underway.

I bet it is. Which as you mentioned many many times it will take “many many years” (plus a Gravy Train full of many many money) and hopefully get things even further out in the weeds - till - no-one knows/cares what happened. Same as Anthrax, SARS-1, MERS.

The impulse is to dismiss Dwyer’s cold-chain as silliness - but it has value as evidence in itself.

It’s evidence that Dwyer is using his power, with the platform connections that entails, to promote CCP-propaganda. It’s so ‘out there’ it “may indicate” a motivation for Dominic that goes beyond CCP-money.

Here's my cold-chain hypothesis: Your involvement in the WHO SARS-1 Origin investigation - which went cold - by obfuscating details of its origin - is connected to our current predicament - and explains why you are going so far out on a limb to support the CCP's version of events.

Or you fell for a honey-trap somewhere along the journey?

One of those two.

If you want to come clean, Dominic, it’s not too late. Well it is too late for the millions that have died and the cyber-surveillance crackdown on normal freedoms, but to give you the last word, we can: "continue to learn from our experiences to improve how we investigate the next pandemic."

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