Non-engineered lab origin (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 09:09 (147 days ago) @ dulan drift

It’s possible a lab worker was infected by a bat virus whilst collecting/handling bat samples at the facility - but i doubt it.

Why? Coz we’ve never seen a coronavirus this contagious and deadly before.

It’s important to remember that a coronavirus is the common-cold. The key word is common - but relatively harmless (flu being the one you have to worry about). The common cold has been with humans/animals since our time here began. We pass it around to each other. That may even be a good thing.

But then, with the funding splurge that followed Anthrax, scientists increasingly began playing around with viruses at bio-defense/weapons labs to enhance their lethality ( to protect us - against “potential future outbreaks” ... )

Lo ‘n behold, 20 years ago, SARS, the first ever deadly cold in the history of humans, appeared. The origin of which has never been adequately explained, despite what you constantly hear - due to a well-documented cover-up. Even the greatest CCP-apologists such as Farrar, Daszak, Lipkin, Andersen, Holmes, and Dwyer refer to how much more “open and transparent” the CCP is this time - compared to SARS-1.

An interesting exercise would be to put the increase in study/funding of bioweapons/defense pathogens on a graph - then put it next to the increase in the emergence of deadly pathogens - you’re going to see an uncanny similarity in trajectories.

Although it's possible it's all another 'coincidence', the most plausible explanation for how the common-cold made this astonishing transformation from ‘harmless’ to 'killing millions' is: human engineering (The oft-used claim that 'climate-change' caused it doesn't make sense.)

The horrifying part is, if it was engineered, we can never put this genie back in the bottle. Potentially, these are gain-of-function leaps to lethality that the virus never would have made on its own - if only it’d been left alone.

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