Adenovirus Vaccines & AIDS/Hepatitis (General)

by dan, Friday, May 13, 2022, 16:06 (53 days ago) @ dulan drift

Justin Thyme on Twitter also has some interesting analysis.

This says it all for me:
Precisely how Merck's Ad5 vaccine increased the risk of HIV transmission in STEP and Phambili remains murky.
And yet, it goes on.

Apart from AIDS, the surge in hepatitis cases around the world amongst young children is thought to be a result of this process. That doesn't mean that the disease becomes apparent in a vaccine recipient - nor is it a vaccine adverse-effect as such - it simply recombines there to make a new adenovirus, which then spreads to other people, whether they are vaccinated or not.

I've been following this as much as I can. Obviously you're ahead of me.

The Expose: The theory behind the AstraZeneca virus going rogue is that the virus contained in the vaccine combines with the E1 gene from another circulating adenovirus, of which there are many. The result is a replicating ChAdOx1 virus. A wealth of scientific information and reasoning on the theory can be found here.

Because most people have been exposed to Adenoviruses throughout their lives they will be immune. But young children who have been forced to stay at home for the past two years are now being hit with a dangerous adenovirus on first exposure.

Yep! And this is why China is going to get its ass kicked now. The population has not built up a natural immunity to covid, so now they're fucked.

But the young kids who were locked up all over the world, they're really fucked. The whole lock down reaction was so flawed. So now we have millions of kids around the world who didn't build up all sorts of immunity. They weren't out playing in the dirt, playing with each other, getting worms, stomach flu, colds, and influenza. The next few years are going to see a massive rise in child illness, and it may affect them their whole lives.

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