Nikolai Petrovsky (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, February 01, 2022, 18:19 (154 days ago) @ dan

Prof. Nicolai Petrovsky is a scientist at Flinders University, Adelaide, Aus. He developed a vaccine (CoVax-19) which has passed through stage 2 & 3 trials. He has taken it himself, saying: it would be a little unusual if we had someone else's vaccine rather than have the one we've developed ourselves.

However, he is now facing the sack coz he's refusing to submit to further injections of a TGA approved vaccine - namely AZ or the mRNA jabs.

Petrovsky: That could be very dangerous to do. There is no data on what would happen if you had a full course of one vaccine and then had another course of another kind of vaccine. Normally you would have to do clinical trials to establish the safety of that approach.

He then received a letter from the University

Petrovsky: It says that as of yesterday all payments will be suspended and that my position itself will be considered to be made redundant if I don't submit to having one of their vaccines. It's not that I'm not vaccinated nor is it that I'm against vaccines. I'm a vaccine developer. Nobody could be more pro-vaccine than myself.

Coincidentally Petrovsky was one of the very few scientists in Australia to question the natural-origin narrative - a stance that he says got him ostracized from the Aus scientific community. The above is the sort of payback they can inflict.

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