Adenovirus Vaccines & AIDS/Hepatitis (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, May 08, 2022, 10:30 (59 days ago) @ dulan drift

As Dan pointed out in the beginning, a normal safety trial for the new vaccines would have taken until 2023. There's a reason for that and we are now starting to see problems emerge that may not have been apparent in the beginning.

Science: Certain COVID-19 vaccine candidates could increase susceptibility to HIV, warns a group of researchers who in 2007 learned that an experimental HIV vaccine had raised in some people the risk for infection with the AIDS virus.

(F)our veteran researchers raise a warning flag about those COVID-19 vaccine candidates by recounting their experience running a placebo-controlled AIDS vaccine trial dubbed STEP. An interim analysis of STEP found that uncircumcised men who had been naturally infected with Ad5 before receiving the vaccine became especially vulnerable to the AIDS virus. The vaccine, made by Merck, had been the leading hope for what was then a 20-year search for a shot that could thwart HIV. But after the STEP results appeared, the field went into a tailspin. "It took a decade to recover."

Didn't hear much talk about that when the vaccines were being spruiked. It's interesting they mention it took a decade to recover - meaning it took a decade to sweep it under the rug so we can crank the industry up again for the next wave of risk-laden experiments.

There was the case of the Aus vaccine that caused trial recipients to test HIV positive, but we were assured it was a false positive. Now there is growing speculation that Adenovirus vaccines may be recombining in the host with natural adenoviruses to cause new diseases.

Apart from AIDS, the surge in hepatitis cases around the world amongst young children is thought to be a result of this process. That doesn't mean that the disease becomes apparent in a vaccine recipient - nor is it a vaccine adverse-effect as such - it simply recombines there to make a new adenovirus, which then spreads to other people, whether they are vaccinated or not.

The Expose: The theory behind the AstraZeneca virus going rogue is that the virus contained in the vaccine combines with the E1 gene from another circulating adenovirus, of which there are many. The result is a replicating ChAdOx1 virus. A wealth of scientific information and reasoning on the theory can be found here.

Because most people have been exposed to Adenoviruses throughout their lives they will be immune. But young children who have been forced to stay at home for the past two years are now being hit with a dangerous adenovirus on first exposure.

Justin Thyme on Twitter also has some interesting analysis.

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