Aus to mandate 3rd dose (General)

by dan, Tuesday, February 01, 2022, 05:52 (155 days ago) @ dulan drift

For the record, i think it's corrupt pharma/science/security culture that has doubled down when the heat came on - still thinks it can get away with it - thinks they're too big to fail. See it as chance to entrench centralized control.

Same here. Good old fashioned greed and power grab at work.

1. Population culling - modeling says the earth needs to lose people weight fast - through a combination of Covid and vaccine adverse effects - fastest way to scythe through the frail - with some vaccine induced sterilization for designated non-breeders.

Hmmm... yet to be release chapter 15 (or so) of The Refuser visits that territory.

I've been thinking about related questions with regards to mandates. One is, at what point would the people supporting mandates stop supporting them? Let's explore some possibilities.

One could argue that I'm venturing into logical fallacy land of slippery slope, but I'm really just asking questions, not posing arguments, the main question being the first. At what point would the frequency turn people against mandates?

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