Aus to mandate 3rd dose (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, January 31, 2022, 20:28 (155 days ago) @ dan

You'd think people would wonder why, if a vaccine works, such repeated doses are necessary. And with Omicron killing basically no otherwise healthy people... how have they managed to gain such popular support? I don't get it.

It seems so extraordinary in fact that i've even wondered if there's not some 'top secret' reason that we don't know about.

For the record, i think it's corrupt pharma/science/security culture that has doubled down when the heat came on - still thinks it can get away with it - thinks they're too big to fail. See it as chance to entrench centralized control.

But what if it's like the earthquake scenario we once discussed? The scenario where you knew you could predict earthquakes with 60-70% accuracy - would you disclose that - or keep it secret to avoid public panic and the impracticality of evacuating whole cities?

In that spirit, what could possibly justify, let's say a deliberate release of Covid and the over-the-top global vaccine push on the back of it?

1. Population culling - modeling says the earth needs to lose people weight fast - through a combination of Covid and vaccine adverse effects - fastest way to scythe through the frail - with some vaccine induced sterilization for designated non-breeders.

2. Alien encounter leading to the conclusion that humanity's best chance to survive is through genetic engineering - mass psychosis compliance to a bio-state is the only way to effect that as a species.

3. The whole of human existence is an alien experiment - this is the statistical endpoint.

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