Natural Immunity (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, January 08, 2022, 06:54 (509 days ago) @ dan

Here's a good one for the crazy file.

Study after study shows natural infection provides long-lasting immunity - induc(ing) a robust antigen-specific, long-lived humoral immune memory in humans.

Not only is it as good as double/triple/quadruple vaxxed - it's better.

A study in Austria reported the hospitalisation rate due to a repeat infection at 0.03 per cent.

Data from other studies put the reinfection rate at 0%!

But in many countries it's still not recognized as a reason for not getting vaccinated.

Dr. Lindsay Weaver, CEO Indiana Dept Health: Don’t rely on natural immunity to protect you. Even if you had a mild case the first time, your symptoms could be more severe the second time if you are not vaccinated and boosted.

Total rubbish - contrary to all evidence. Lies basically. Now here's the real crazy bit. A recent study found that:

previous COVID-19 was associated with increased adverse events following vaccination with the Comirnaty BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine (Pfizer–BioNTech)

So, going against the scientific data to force naturally infected people to get vaccinated is (a)providing zero additional protection, and (b)putting the vaxee's health at risk - for no reason - except to accommodate the health authorities' desire to exercise their tyrannical urges.

Novak Djokovic, who has recovered from a previous infection, has recently brought this into focus. Despite being given a visa to enter Australia, he was detained at the airport. He's now being held in a quarantine facility.

Meanwhile the rabid mob have been whipped-up in Australia to vilify the poor guy. Even if he does win an exemption to play he'll be walking into a cauldron of vile abuse. In fact i wonder if the health experts will arm the fans with vax-loaded syringes to throw at him while he plays - or maybe those South American poison-dart-type tubes would be better. Let's see how one of the greatest of all time goes when he's a walking pin cushion of covid-jabs.

Speaking of the rabid mob - this video from Melbourne captures a glimpse into the mindset that has taken hold in Australia. Some idiot, outraged by a (wrongly) perceived invasion of his social distancing space by a jogger, launches a brutal assault. So much opprobrium has been constantly fanned by the health authorities against the so-called non-compliant that it's no surprise police and even civilians are answering the call with violence.

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