Moderna 2016 sequence ID'd in Covid (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, February 24, 2022, 11:49 (131 days ago) @ dan

This is interesting. A sequence that Moderna had patented in 2016 pops up in Covid according to this paper:

A BLAST search for the 12-nucleotide insertion led us to a 100% reverse match in a proprietary sequence (SEQ ID11652, nt 2751-2733) found in the US patent 9,587,003 filed on Feb. 4, 2016 (10) (Figure 1).

Supposedly there's a one-in-three-trillion chance it's a coincidence.

The question is: How did a 2016 Moderna sequence become a key ingredient in Covid's mysterious furin cleavage site - the one that was so amazingly adapted to infect humans?

Curiously, the paper appears in Frontiers of Virology - the listed editor is Xin Yin. The reviewer is Jitao Chang - both from Harbin University, China.

What's going on with that? Here's an explosive finding suggesting an engineered origin - some are calling it a smoking gun - first gets published in a paper with a Chinese editor.

Have the Chinese turned? Is the thinking: Stuff carrying the can for Covid when it was a patented sequence from Moderna which was integral in engineering it.

The question of deliberate release also raises its ugly head again. Anthrax was deliberately released to drum up vax funding/usage - was Covid the same?

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