Humane rapid action (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, April 07, 2022, 06:51 (90 days ago) @ dan

Those three words in the same sentence are indeed chilling. They're moving towards humane rapid action.

Action by whom? Clearly they don't mean action by those getting the vaccine, meaning the action of making the choice to get the vaccine. You're right. They're talking about something else, coercion.

You are humane with respect to how take a negative action against another person or animal. You don't humanely hug somebody or lend them your car, you humanely kill them or amputate a limb.

I don't really have a comment - just liked the way you phrased it.

So they're talking about taking negative or painful action against the unvaccinated, rapid action, but they'll make it culturally relevant, whatever that means. I bet they're still working on that one. It will likely involve paying off powerful or influential people to convince the masses that this time around it's all different.

Yeah, i wondered about culturally relevant.

There's a long history of collaborative corruption between various African rulers and foreign interests - to the point of cultural entrenchment - i wonder if that's what they mean.

It's quite weird - to the point that we've discussed before - what on earth are they up to? A lot of the vaccines in Africa are AZ - offloaded by wealthy countries after they realized they don't work - so what's up with the mania for enforcing them on people for Omicron - a relatively harmless disease in a continent where even the previous strains had a muted impact?

It has to be about asserting global control - data grabbing - entrenching centralized protocols on the planet - winding back individual freedoms.

Where are the politicians opposing this? In Aus, out of the thousand-odd politicians from both sides, there's maybe two or three that have raised questions. They were promptly ostracized by their own parties and shut down by the media. We're living in a 'democracy' with no representation.

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