Moderna 2016 sequence ID'd in Covid (General)

by dan, Saturday, February 26, 2022, 18:39 (129 days ago) @ dulan drift

Or it could be a smoke screen. I'm searching to find the actual patent, and I haven't been able to so far, but I'll keep looking.

Here's the bit from Figure 1 in the article:

Based on a BLAST search of the 12-nucleotide stretch coding for the FCS PRRA, a 19-nucleotide long identical sequence was identified in the patented (US 958 7003) sequence Seq ID11652. SEQ ID11652 is transcribed to a MSH3 mRNA that appears to be codon optimized for humans.

One of two things are going to happen. Either we find the actual patent, or we don't. Either way, this is a smoking gun.

If we don't find the patent, that means they either lied in the article or the patent was scrubbed. Again, either way a smoking gun.

If we do find the patent, then, well there's that.

If they lied about the patent in the article, I would consider that a very high level form of media manipulation, a double mind fuck whammy, if you will. I noticed a lot of right wing sites mirroring this info without finding the patent.

I want to find it! It's public information if it exists, and if it doesn't, well then... we go down a rabbit hole.

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