The Origin of AIDS (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, May 08, 2022, 20:27 (58 days ago) @ dulan drift

An interesting video exploring the theory that AIDS resulted from a polio vaccine trial in DRC (Zaire). The vaccine production at a lab in DRC reportedly used chimpanzee tissue which is theorized to have contaminated the vaccine with HIV.

The trial involving 1 million subjects in central Africa, took place two years before the first HIV cases were recorded in the exact same area.

The video is a full-length documentary - about 1.5hrs - but worth a look - better than most of the crap on Netflix.

It's become apparent that everything is a stupid narrative war - it's prosecuted like a trial lawyer - with the sole aim of getting your narrative up - the truth is neither here nor there.

People will tell themselves it's ok to lie coz they are acting to protect a 'higher truth' - but in fact it's nothing more than base self-interest - to secure money/power - to protect the status quo, their entrenched positions as influencers in that corrupt world order.

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